Donor Requirements

Individuals who want to donate whole blood or apheresis must be:
  • At least 16 years old (donors under the age of 17 may only donate whole blood, and must have a signed parental/guardian consent form).
  • At least 19 years old and weigh a minimum of 110 pounds.
    Greater than or equal to (age 18 and younger):
  • 5′ tall if you are male.
  • 5′ 6″ tall if you are female.
  • Pass a brief mini-physical and health history screening.
  • Be healthy.
  • Bring picture I.D.
Donations may be temporarily postponed for the following reasons:
  • If within the last 12 months, you have traveled to a malaria risk area.
  • If within the last 12 months, you have had a transfusion (except self-donated).
  • If within the last 12 months, you have had acupuncture, electrolysis or skin piercing by an unapproved method.
  • If within the last month, you have had a tattoo in a regulated facility.
  • If within the last 12 months, you have had a tattoo in an unregulated facility or by an unapproved method.
  • If within the last 12 months, you have had sexual contact with, or reside(d) with someone having viral hepatitis.
Other reasons your donation will be temporarily postponed:
  • If you have an active allergy or active hay fever on the day of your donation.
  • If you are pregnant or it has not been six weeks since the end of your pregnancy.
  • If you have had certain cancers in the last year.
Most medications will not necessarily prevent you from donating!
  • Examples of acceptable medications: antibiotics for acne, hormones, birth control pills, thyroid medication, and blood pressure medication.
  • Donors who have been off the following medications for the length of time indicated can be accepted: antibiotics for infection (day after last dose and infection resolved); Accutane, Propecia, Proscar (all 1 month); Avodart (6 months); Soriatane (3 years).
  • Do not stop taking any medication without your doctor’s approval.
You cannot donate if:
  • You are in a high risk group for exposure to the AIDS virus.
  • You have had viral hepatitis after age 10.
  • You have ever had syphilis.
  • You have ever taken Tegison.
  • You have ever injected illegal drugs.
Donation Intervals:
  • Whole Blood: Every 56 days
  • Platelets: Every 7 days
  • Double Red Cells: Every 112 days


A stable blood supply relies on an active, engaged donor base. Please do not self-defer. If you believe one of the above requirements eliminates you, learn more in one of three easy ways.

Review the FAQs. Chances are that your question has already been asked and answered.
If you do not see your specific question addressed in the FAQs, and you are able to wait up to 24 hours for a response, ask a question and an Indiana Blood Center representative will be in touch.
Call our donor contact center at (317) 916-5150 or (800) 632-4722 ext. 5150.