Independent. Non-profit. Community-based. That’s Indiana Blood Center. Every day we connect hundreds of people who raise their sleeves to give
of themselves for patients in need. With our donors, our work undeniably saves lives.

Raise Your Sleeve is about more than donating blood, though. It is a grassroots movement of people who believe that we are all connected, that giving is truly better than receiving, that together we are stronger than apart and that living to the fullest happens when we engage with others around us.

It is easy. Raise your sleeve if you know someone fighting cancer. Raise your sleeve if your family has a history of heart disease. Raise your sleeve if you’ve been victim to an accident. While your sleeve is up, take the opportunity to tell someone else about how your life has been touched.

Join the movement. Share your stories. Follow @indianablood on Twitter and check us out on Facebook.

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Ron Saxman says:

    I have been coordinating blood draws at my company for 18 years and have been giving for close to 25 years. Over the 18 years I have coordinated over 75 blood draws that have collected over 2500 pints of whole blood, plaetlets, and double red blood cells. I love to read all the great stories about how adversity has brought people to donate blood or coordinate draws. My story is a bit boring compared to those. I am greatful to God that my family and I have not had the need for blood transfusions and that along with it being the “right thing to do” is why I have coordinated Blood Draws and given blood for so many years. Over the years I have heard many a story from people about “why I won’t give”. Some were valid reasons and some were just out of plain fear. My response to them is to just give it one try. You are able and just try because that one time can save a life. Some (my wife being one) have gone on to be regular donors and some have never given again but at least they gave that one time. It will change your life knowing that your blood has helped save a life and that there is no better way to do that. I have done this for so long that some of my regulars call me Dracula. LOL…. I will continue to coordinate the Blood Draws as long as I am still here at my company and will continue to donate as long as possible (hoping to make it to the 100 pint mark) because it just makes you feel good while you are giving and who doesn’t like that.

  2. Jerry Arnold says:

    I am working on a local non-profit magazine and there is an article about a man who spent many years organizing blood drives here in our area, Maryland. He was known as our local vampire. He recently passed away and the magazine is doing a memorial artice on him. I was hoping to have your permission to use one of the images from this site of the extended arm with the blue bandage. I’d be happy to give your oganization the credit for the photo use.

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