Hello! My name is Shanice Beckley. I am a freshman at Providence Cristo Rey High School. Providence is a Catholic high school that offers a great education setting for all students. At Providence we partner with over 100 companies to offer students experience in a professional business setting. Each student works one day week throughout the course of the school year. The job helps pay for our school tuition.

I chose Indiana Blood Center because I really didn’t know anything about the company or what they do, which means I get to learn a lot. Also, when I get older I would like to be in the medical field, so by working at Indiana Blood Center I will get to experience what it’s like working in a medical setting. I will spend a lot of time in the marketing department where I will be helping their team with several marketing projects.

I look forward to learning more about Indiana Blood Center. The most interesting thing that I have already learned about IBC is that I will enjoy what I do as I work here. Also, I have quickly learned that many people love to donate blood with Indiana Blood Center as a way to help other people. I also enjoy helping others, so when I am old enough to donate blood, I plan to become a donor. I will encourage my classmates and even people in my family to donate blood. I look forward to having a blood drive at my school or church. When you donate blood, you can save someone’s life.

That’s all for now. I will check back in a few months with more updates on the time I’ve spent at Indiana Blood Center.

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