A Gen Z’s Perspective On Blood Donation


Meet Xavier Sayeed. At only 18 years old, Xavier has surpassed his age in blood donations. An impressive accomplishment!

After hearing that Indiana Blood Center was in need of donations, Xavier mustered up the courage and donated a pint of red cells at his high school blood drive.

Pleased by his first donor experience, he took it upon himself to schedule an appointment at a nearby donor center. It was during this time when the light bulb went off. “I quickly learned the impact my donation had on hospital patients near and far.” Willing to help, Xavier jumped at the opportunity to start donating platelets, the yellow stuff in your blood that are other used by patients undergoing cancer treatments.

Since his first donation, Xavier donated 19 units of blood products and he has no intention of stopping soon (minus a brief hiatus while in college out of state.)

“I consider my health an absolute blessing and I am very grateful to be able to do my part to give back to my community.”

Join Xavier by giving back, one donation at a time. Visit www.donorpoint.org to schedule your appointment today.

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