This week’s blog post is written by our president and CEO, Dr. Charlie Miraglia

I finally received my new Indiana license plate. I had it personalized to read “1 IBC” with the hope that it would stimulate people to think more deeply about what it means, not just to me, but to everyone at Indiana Blood Center.

Number 1 means different things to different people. For example, it means competition: every sports organization, whether it’s a high school soccer team or a professional football team like the Colts, wants to be number one.  It also suggests a special quality or uniqueness–there is only one Indiana Blood Center.  Most important, one suggests a unity of direction and purpose and a common goal for all who are involved.

This last connotation was foremost in my mind when I went to the BMV to order my new plate.  In the six months I’ve been leading Indiana Blood Center, I’ve learned a lot about our operations and the people who make what we do not only possible, but also specialThe fact that we find a way to get the blood of our healthy volunteer donors into the arms of our patients in need, often when they are in critical condition—each and every day without fail—is truly astonishing!

Every one of our 350 employees is responsible for collecting, testing, processing, packaging, and delivering these gifts of life.  Every one of us is hard-working and like-minded in our commitment to our mission. Every one of us feels a tremendous responsibility for the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients. It is a privilege to be a part of that team, and I’m proud of what we do for the health of our communities here in Indiana and beyond. Indiana Blood Center is stronger than ever, and we will remain that way as long as we remain “1 IBC”!

One thought on “1 IBC

  1. Richard Beam says:

    The Indiana Blood Center is truly a unique blood organization here in Indiana! It is unique in that to a dedicated life saving donor that I am it has left me with the knowledge that it has one purpose in mind and that purpose is to do everything possible to save lives. All other functions of its employees such as earning a living takes a back seat. The Indiana Blood Center is truly an Honorable and Trusting Humanitarian Organization!!!!

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