Sierra Woodward Donor Story

Why do you donate?

In March 2013 I was a junior in high school and I remember this day like it was yesterday. I was at tennis practice and an ambulance went by. There was an ambulance garage across from the high school so normally I didn’t think anything of it, but this time a weary feeling crept over me and I felt a weird cringe in my stomach as I watched the ambulance go by. About ten minutes later it went back by and I felt the same feeling. Somewhere around 20 minutes later practice let out and I got in my car and checked my phone to see many missed calls and a text saying my mom was headed to IU Health Arnett in Lafayette. I rushed to the hospital to the E.R. and they told me that my mom had a hemorrhage and that they were prepping her for surgery very soon. They let me in the room to see my mom. She had lost over half the blood in her body and was very disoriented. I had to tell my mom goodbye that day because I knew the chances were substantially high with the condition she was in. My mom is alive and well today because of courteous blood donors. She had 4 units transfused that day, meaning 4 people who donated saved my moms life. Because of donors my mom got to see me graduate and excel in college. Although I am not the same blood type as my mother, as I am an A+ and she is O-, I still donate every chance I get. I want someone else’s parent, friend, or loved one to have a second chance at life like my mother. I will forever be grateful for the miracle God gave us that day. I have donated a total of 9 times between the Red Cross and the Indiana Blood Center.

What is unique about your story?

My moms life was saved by blood donation of 4 units.

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