Allison Transmission Celebrates 100 Years of Excellence and 24 Years of Giving Life

Celebrating its centennial throughout 2015, Indianapolis-based Allison Transmission is also proud of its longtime relationship with Indiana Blood Center. Since 1991, Allison employees have given back to the community by impacting thousands of lives through blood donations.

Allison traces its corporate lineage back to the founding of the Indianapolis Speedway Team Co. on Sept. 14, 1915. As a co-founder of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and part owner of several racing teams, James A. Allison established a precision machine shop on Main Street in Speedway called the Allison Experimental Co. to support his racing endeavors. In the years that followed, the company evolved from working on race cars to becoming a leading manufacturer of aircraft engines, locomotive products, and, beginning in the mid-1940s, automatic transmissions.

In conjunction with the most recent blood drive at Allison’s global headquarters in Speedway, Indiana Blood Center worked with Allison to create a timeline that charted the company’s history, along with the history of Indiana Blood Center and the evolving science of blood transfusions. The signage was on display as 188 Allison employees raised their sleeves.

Capture Capture1 Capture2 Capture3

Today, Allison is the world’s largest manufacturer of fully automatic commercial-duty transmissions and a leader in hybrid-propulsion systems. The company has approximately 2,700 employees and a market presence in more than 80 countries.

Indiana Blood Center congratulates Allison on its historical milestone and its longtime commitment to our lifesaving mission.

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