Don Lasher 2 “Cancer patients don’t get a day off.” This is the phrase Don Lasher keeps in the back of his mind. It is what keeps him motivated.

Don gave his first pint with Indiana Blood Center in 1991 and has not stopped since. It wasn’t long before a blood technician explained how he could help even more patients by donating platelets. That was all the motivation he needed to make the switch from whole blood to platelets.

Don is a regular “two on Tuesday” donor, stopping by the Carmel donor center every other week on his way home from work to give a double platelet. “It’s like clockwork,” said Susan Purichia, donor center specialist for Indiana Blood Center. In early April Susan scheduled Don’s routine appointment and realized Tuesday, April 28, 2015 was going to be anything but routine.

“I opened his donor record and saw the number 574 next to his lifetime donations.” She began hand counting in disbelief. “I got to 400 and just stopped,” said Susan. “We don’t even have gallon pins that go that high.”

Don intends to achieve 800 donations before he “retires” from service to others. A thumbnail calculation equates to 100 gallons and several thousand patients impacted by his generosity.

That’s one amazing anniversary.

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