Thanks For Giving

Donor John McKenzie supports the power of donating, but unfortunately, John is no longer able to give blood due to health issues. Luckily for those in need of transfusions, John is spreading the word on the importance of donating.

In 2013, John made a simple Thanksgiving request to his children, encouraging each of them to give up an hour of their time to donate for those who can’t. Here is the handwritten letter John shared with his children asking for their help.

1 letter

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We thank John and his family for their lifesaving efforts. Accept John’s challenge and make an appointment to donate blood today.

7 thoughts on “Thanks For Giving

  1. Sue Bufore says:

    this has moved me to tears —- I will pass this along to family and friends to encourage them to donate. Thank you for sharing your story and donating all these years. You are a life saver!

  2. Valerie says:

    I was reminded by this letter of how important it is to donate and I am making an appointment right now. Thank you for all your years of donation!

  3. Maria Pimentel-Gannon says:

    Praise God – what a wonderful letter, wonderful invitation, and revealing insight into a beautiful familial relationship. I am humbled by John’s willingness to make this personal letter public; clearly, it is easier to do when there is so much passion, conviction and belief in what you are doing! Way to go, John!

    John and his family happen to be very long time friends of mine. I am taking the time to respond to this “Thanks for Giving” story because I would have to echo John’s sentiments in inviting his family and the rest of the world to take one or two hours of the 1200 we have in a 50-day period to make a small donation that could have a BIG benefit for someone else. I am grateful that my family members are also blood donors who donate on a regular basis, and who are sad that they are temporarily unable to donate – but soon, they will be able to, and they will probably one of the first in line.

    I, too, was both a blood and a platelets donor. After a while, I was asked to donate just platelets because those were more in demand and more difficult to come by. After some years, I was no longer eligible to donate either blood or platelets, due to health issues that necessitated that I be on blood thinners for the rest of my life. I have to confess that I felt devastated and very sad that I was losing the ability and the opportunity to help others in this way.

    I remember one of the times I received a call to come in to give platelets because there was a young boy who was in dire need of platelets. I felt so good knowing that I had played a small part in helping a life, especially that of a child.

    In this season of giving thanks, I would like to extend heart-felt gratitude to ALL donors, both current and past, as well as future donors. I would also like to express my gratitude to God for the many years that John was able to donate and for the years God allowed me, and now my family, to donate. Thanks also to the CiRBC and all the other blood donations sites who work hard at making this precious gift of life available to those in need. Blessings to all.

  4. Elliott says:

    Receiving this email and noticing the name John McKenzie intrigued me enough to open it and read. Not only do I donate platelets as often as I am able to, but I also have a neighbor named John McKenzie (whom I know likes to write) and has the same exact children mentioned within this letter. Knowing John, I was not at all surprised that such thankful and encouraging thoughts were expressed to his children. There is a reason he has been blessed with such a wonderful life… I’ll be over to the wood shop with the boys soon, John, and they’ll bring chocolates Thanks to IBC for sharing.

  5. Pam Hale says:

    What a wonderful man! I hope his words inspired his children to donate. His touching letter worked for me; I haven’t donated since last year and I’m going to schedule.

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