41 Years and Counting

All of our donors love supporting our lifesaving cause, especially Greg.

Greg receiver's a certificate in honor of having completed 400 total donations.
Greg receives a certificate in honor of having completed 400 total donations.

Meet Greg McDermott, a local Indianapolis donor who’s been giving since 1973. He tells it like it is. Read his story below.

“I started donating in the fall 1973 at a mobile blood drive held at my school in honor of severe mentally disabled students. I donated whole blood for couple years after this because it was so easy and quick.

Later on, I read about the apheresis process in an article published in what used to be the Star magazine section of the Indianapolis Star. It intrigued me and I learned about how much more a single donation is multiplied through the use of the apheresis process.

The last 40+ years that I have donated, many have asked, “why do I continue to donate?” It is really very simple, how can anyone say no to saving a life? If you are able bodied and in good health, sharing that most precious gift of health with others is in my mind a no-brainer! The benefit to the donors is the incredible feeling of giving of yourself, which is when you truly give.”

– Greg McDermott

We thank Greg for sharing his inspiring and encouraging story. To follow Greg’s lead and Raise Your Sleeve, visit donorpoint.org to schedule an appointment.

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