Marissa Raises Her Sleeve

Marissa Raises Her Sleeve in honor of her brother, Brett.

Everyone pays it forward for a reason. Marissa’s reason? Her brother Brett. Marissa and Brett Pangle differ in age by only a few years, but it’s their bond with one another that makes them so close.

Last month, Brett was admitted to Riley’s’ Children Hospital in need of transfusions to treat his hemolytic anemia. Hemolytic anemia is a medical condition in which the body fails to produce red blood cells at the same pace they decompose.

In honor of those that helped her brother, Marissa donated for the first time last Monday. Since landing in the hospital, Brett has received three live-saving transfusions. Following the example set by donors like you, Marissa has chosen to pay if forward by giving back just like those that gave to her brother, by proudly Raising Her Sleeve. Follow Marissa’s lead by scheduling an appointment today at

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