In Honor of Emily Stephenson

Emily in upper photograph. The Stephenson family in the lower photograph.
Emily and the Stephenson Family

Meet the almost 2-year-old Emily Stephenson. Born with a rare blood disease called Spherocytosis, Emily relies on blood from donors like you to keep her strong. Spherocytosis, a rare blood disorder characterized by the premature death of red blood cells is treated with the help of blood transfusions. Within last year, Emily has received over 20 blood transfusions.

As a way to bring attention to importance of blood donations and to help maintain the blood supply, the Stephenson family has organized a blood drive to take place on Monday, February 3 at Indiana Blood Center’s Carmel donor center. As “The Second Annual Blood Drive in Honor of Emily Stephenson”, Emily’s family hopes to collect 50 units of blood.  Please sign up at to Raise Your Sleeve for Emily this coming Monday, February 3, on Emily’s second birthday and in honor of Emily and the many other people like her who rely on constant transfusions.

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