Donor of the Month

Congratulations to Indiana Blood Center’s Donor of the Month…

Ben donating platelets at Indiana Blood Center's Lafayette Donor Center
Ben donating platelets at Indiana Blood Center’s Lafayette Donor Center

Ben Davis

“Why would you not, I don’t have a good reason not to…” said, Benjamin Davis.

The “that” Ben Davis refers to, is donating blood.

“It doesn’t cost me anything, I’ve got the time to do it, and it’s something I can do to help save people’s lives, so why not do it?” Ben said.

With such a simple action, it’s difficult to argue with Ben who has donated 125 times (and counting).

At the age of 17, Ben donated for his first time with Indiana Blood Center during a blood drive held at his high school, Jefferson High School in Lafayette, Indiana. Since then, he’s been an avid donor, donating consistently since 2006. He went from donating whole blood a few times a year, then making the switch to donating platelets in 2008.

During a conversation with an Indiana Blood Center donor center specialist, Ben realized he was best suited as a platelet donor. With AB+, Ben is the ideal platelet donor.

And why does he keep coming back you may wonder?

“It’s pretty simple why I give, it’s the right thing to do, it’s something good you can do, and it doesn’t cost you anything.”

Today, when one walks into the Lafayette donor center, he/she is  likely to see Ben donating platelets.

With so many donations under his belt, Ben enjoys giving the little perks he gets in return for his donations, to his kids. All three of his boys wear Indiana Blood Center hats, shirts, and even carry around Indiana Blood Center umbrellas on rainy days.

Ben is hopeful that when someone sees the Indiana Blood Center logo that his kids sport, they will be motivated to raise their sleeve.

Follow Ben’s lead and support our lifesaving cause by raising your sleeve. Visit to schedule your appointment today.

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