Donor of the Month

Congratulations to Indiana Blood Center’s Donor of the Month…

Miriah, Mirisa, and Kathy at Miriah's wedding
Miriah, Kathy, and Mirisa at Miriah’s wedding

An 18-year-old Miriah waited in line, apprehensive yet determined. Her school, Linton High School, was sponsoring a blood drive for Indiana Blood Center, and she had resolved she would donate for the first time. Nervous, just as anyone donating for the first-time is, she gritted her teeth and proceeded forward in line.

Years later, Miriah continues to regularly donate to Indiana Blood Center. Reflecting back on her experience today, she notes that she was scared and didn’t know what to expect. But the kind and caring staff helped her through it. All her nerves were worth it.

Miriah to date has eight lifetime donations and continues to donate regularly.

Her story is made all the poignant however, when she discusses her sister. Miriah’s sister, Mirisa, passed away in August of 2011. Ever sisters, Miriah was eight months pregnant at the time, while her sister was seven months pregnant. During Mirisa’s third trimester she was diagnosed with HELLP, a life-threatening syndrome generally occurring during a women’s third trimester of pregnancy. The only treatment for such a condition is premature delivery of the baby, which helps counteract the effects.

Throughout this struggle Mirisia received countless blood products, helping to sustain her life. Because of the generous contributions of blood donors, Miriah was able to spend a few more hours with Mirisa, before she passed away.

Since then, Miriah has donated regularly with Indiana Blood Center.

Reflecting upon her sister’s situation, she notes that by donating, “You can help save lives. There are a lot of people who need it.”

Two months after the passing of her nephew and sister, Miriah hosted her first drive in honor of her sister. The date, October 15, 2011, would have been Mirisa’s 26th birthday. In commemoration of her sisters passing, Miriah and her mother, Kathy, created a scholarship, and set up a blood drive as part of a benefit. Her initial goal was to collect 26 units of blood, but that was surpassed with a total of 55 units.

Every year since, Miriah has continued to host a blood drive in commemoration of her sister, collecting 67 units in 2012.

This year, Miriah’s goal is to collect a minimum of 90 units.

Her advice to those interested in giving blood for the first time, “Donating makes your heart smile”.

Please consider donating blood on Saturday, October 12 from 10am-5pm at Linton Park in honor of Mirisa’s memory. Click here to make an appointment. If you cannot make it to this blood drive, make an appointment to Raise Your Sleeve another time at

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