Thank You For Your Commitment


Meet one of Indiana Blood Center’s most loyal donors, Robert B. For over 14 years, Robert has exhibited dedication to Indiana Blood Center’s lifesaving mission by donating blood 71 times at our Fishers donor center.

Less than five percent of the population donates blood. So, being a donor is commendable, and being a dedicated donor is remarkable. It is because of donors like Robert that the blood supply is stable for patients at Indiana hospitals who are in need of transfusions.

Fortunately, Robert has never known anyone who has needed a blood transfusion, but that does not stop him from coming back to our Fishers donor center.

Robert is committed. He donates without knowing who his gift will help, but Robert’s donations have next-day impact on families in Indiana whose loved ones are in need of blood.

D3S_5623After several whole blood donations, Robert learned the importance of platelets, which are needed by many types of patients, including those undergoing cancer treatments, bone marrow or organ transplants, trauma procedures or open heart surgeries.

Despite the two hours it takes to donate platelets, Robert didn’t think twice about making the switch. He did it for one simple reason – because it is the right thing to do.

With each life touched by his blood donation, without ever knowing those he helps or expecting anything in return, Robert is a true community volunteer.

Follow Robert’s lead and join our lifesaving cause. Go to to make an appointment to donate blood today.

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