We Know Just How You Phil

Phil is a driven lifesaver and here to help.

Coordinating a blood drive can be lot of fun. But to make it a success, sometimes extra effort is needed. In the interest of added assistance and excitement, call on Phil.

Phil, lifesaver at Indiana Blood Center, is always eager to help promote blood drives and raise sleeves to serve Hoosiers. Simply put, community outreach is in his blood.

Present Phil at School
If you are organizing a school blood drive, allow a presentation with Phil to educate the students on the importance of blood donation. He could even share cookies during lunch. This may be all the encouragement they need to recruit their parents to join our life-saving network.

Phil Supports Higher Education
So, you’re hosting a blood drive on your local college campus. Let Phil offer on-site help by visiting the dining hall, or other high-traffic areas, to distribute flyers and blood drop tattoos. This is one of many enjoyable ways to get the word out.

Phil is Hands-on in the Community
Maybe you’re planning a blood drive for your employer, civic organization or place of worship. Bring along Phil. He is happy to support your drive by working with coordinators and/or committee members to boost enthusiasm throughout the organization and providing entertainment for your kickoff event. He just may prove to be a convenient method to help get people involved.

Requesting Phil
Reserving Phil for your blood drive or kickoff event is easier than you may think. Simply contact your Indiana Blood Center field representative and request a date and time.

Don’t know or have a field rep? Click here to find a field rep in your community.

Remember to get permission from your school, college/university, or organization before scheduling.

Now it’s all up to you. Join our life-saving network by coordinating a blood drive and committing to Raise Hoosier Sleeves.

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