A Life Saver, Recipient

Jessie Lyles photo

As a production components lab supervisor at Indiana Blood Center and blood recipient, Jessie Lyles knows fully the importance of donating blood.

In 2008, Jessie underwent surgery at IU Health Methodist Hospital. Jessie was scheduled to remain in the hospital for three days, but due to heavy bleeding her stay turned to an eight-day visit. Following the surgery, Jessie immediately required two A- red cell transfusions.

Jessie felt confident about her transfusion knowing the blood she would receive was from Indiana Blood Center.

“They showed me the blood bags with the Indiana Blood Center label on them before my transfusion,” said Jessie. “Working in production, I know exactly how our units are processed. I have 100% faith in the products and what we do.”

Jessie is very grateful for donors and has a strong appreciation for how her life was impacted by their selflessness. After Jessie’s successful transfusion, she said she felt an immediate impact.

“The blood made me feel really good,” said Jessie. “I’ve never had so much energy. It made me feel like a totally different person.”

Jessie has been a proud employee of Indiana Blood Center for 13 years. She is very passionate about the organization and the role she plays in it, and finds her work extremely rewarding.

“I don’t see patients, but I hear their stories and I get to see the special orders requesting certain products. I am very proud to say I work for Indiana Blood Center and help in saving lives every day.”

While living in Canada, Jessie began donating blood after high school. Today, due to her anemic status, Jessie is no longer able to donate blood. However, her husband donates on her behalf, her daughters donate in her honor and she encourages her 17-year-old son to become a committed donor.

How can you help? Follow Jessie’s lead and join our life-saving network. Visit DonorPoint.org and schedule an appointment to Raise Your Sleeve.

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