Blood Donation From A Broader View

Hoosiers have expressed many reasons for donating blood with Indiana Blood Center.

Often donors say that a loved one who has needed blood spurred them to action. Some say it’s easy and just the right thing to do.

Dean Hicks, 52, blood donor, blood drive coordinator and son of a blood recipient names all of the above reasons as his motivation to donate. Recently the need for blood hit strikingly close to his home.

Dean’s father had been experiencing severe health difficulties. On Jan. 17, his father underwent bladder cancer surgery.

“It was a tougher experience than expected,” said Dean, “several roadblocks needed to be cleared.”

Dean’s father required a blood transfusion after his surgery. After receiving blood, his father began to recuperate. Dean was visually able to witness his father begin to recover.

“His color and energy came back shortly after the blood transfusion,” said Dean.

Today, Dean’s father is on the road to recovery. He is still recuperating and making progress, Dean said.Dean Hicks

Dean has recognized the significance of blood donation for quite some time. He says his military training granted him the understanding of the importance of a steady blood supply. The constant need of blood prompted him to become involved with Indiana Blood Center.

Dean has hosted blood drives for his employer, Pitney Bowes, for the past four years. He is able to make blood drives successful by covering the very spacious warehouse and personally recruiting donors.

“We have a great core of donors,” said Dean, “it makes it easy.”

Dean motivates his co-workers to give the gift of life. He remains an active blood drive recruiter at Pitney Bowes.

Dean has become a spirited advocate of blood donation. He believes informing the youth about how easy it is to donate and reminding them they are anonymously helping people in their community is a great way to educate and encourage young people to donate.

To Dean, blood donation is crucial because it is a life-saving gesture that impacts the lives of many.

After witnessing his dad before and after his transfusion, Dean has a deeper appreciation for how donors touch recipients’ loved ones.

“I know that a blood donation does not just help the patient it helps the whole family. “

How can you become an inspiring example like Dean? Join our life-saving network by visiting to schedule an appointment to Raise Your Sleeve.

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