Donor of the Month

Congratulations to Indiana Blood Center’s Donor of the Month…

Cathy Summers

Cathy Summers of Greenwood, Indiana


Cathy is a committed platelet donor, donating every two weeks. She is also an I Pledge member and has pledged to donate platelets 24 times this year. Cathy enrolled in I Pledge because she believes it’s a “nice perk” as she plans to give anyway.

“Cathy is a wonderful woman and is a very dedicated platelet donor,” said Nicole Brosseau, donor center specialist in Greenwood. “We are fortunate for her support.”

Cathy’s first donation experience was during a blood drive hosted by her employer. When the company recruited employees to participate in their blood drive, they called on Cathy. Although terrified of needles, Cathy set aside her fear and gave an hour of her time and donated blood.

When asked what has kept her coming back, Cathy said, “I’m healthy and able to give, so as long I’m able, I will continue to donate.”

Cathy is a long-time blood donor, but recent circumstances have further impacted her views on blood donation. Cathy’s daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer, so donating blood now has an even greater impact on Cathy.

Understanding the busy lives of young people today, Cathy encourages them to donate when they can. “Just pay it forward,” said Cathy. “If the time comes where you need blood, you want to feel you have done your part.”

Now that you’ve read Cathy’s inspiring story, it’s your turn. Visit to join our life-saving network and schedule an appointment to Raise Your Sleeve.

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