Donor of the Month

Congratulations to Indiana Blood Center’s Donor of the Month…

Donor of the Month_Brandon Doig

Brandon Doig of Fishers, Indiana


Between attending high school and refereeing soccer, Brandon, 17-year-old Fishers High School student, is a dedicated whole blood donor at our Fishers donor center.

Brandon was first introduced to Indiana Blood Center at a blood drive hosted by Fishers High School. Without hesitation, Brandon joined our cause. “It was pretty easy,” said Brandon.

Brandon is a consistent, dedicated donor,” said Jennifer Barrett, donor center specialist at Fishers, “who donated 5 times in 2012.  Only having been eligible for about a year, it’s impressive that Brandon has already made five donations.”

Following his initial donation, Brandon quickly became a regular. And since he is already a frequent donor, it was without much thought that Brandon decided to enroll in our I Pledge program.

“People need blood,” said Brandon, “and I have plenty to give.”

Along with the patients at the hospitals we supply, Indiana Blood Center is fortunate to have Brandon’s support. Thanks to Brandon for supporting our lifesaving mission.

What can you do? You can follow the Brandon’s admirable example by visiting to schedule an appointment to Raise Your Sleeve.

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