Donor of the Month


Jeffrey Lucas of Columbus, Ind.
Jeffrey Lucas of Columbus, Indiana


Jeff, 54, began donating platelets in 1997 and has been a dedicated Indiana Blood Center donor ever since.

Jeff’s commitment to our lifesaving mission comes from his loss of loved ones due to cancer. Platelets are often needed to provide treatment for cancer patients.

“My inspiration to donate is simply from knowing that I might be helping someone in need,” said Jeff. “This is something I can do.”

Many other types of patients also need platelets to restore their health, such as those undergoing bone marrow or organ transplants, trauma procedures or open heart surgeries. Jeff usually makes his platelet contribution every two weeks to help maintain a stable supply.

Platelet Technician Craig Mitchell said, “He has an easy-going personality and the staff is always happy to see him come in the door. Jeff has been donating platelets for years and is very committed to our mission.”

“In my life I have supported causes financially,” said Jeff, “I have volunteered my time, but I can honestly say that I find donating platelets the most rewarding. If even just one person is still with us because of my platelets then it’s worth it.”

We are humbled by Jeff’s dedication to giving the gift of life. Now it’s your turn. Follow Jeff’s outstanding lead and join our life-saving mission by committing to Raise Your Sleeve at Make an appointment today. You will have someone’s undying gratitude.

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