Inside Indiana Blood Center’s Donation Process – Step One


Step One: Registration

You’ve scheduled your appointment to donate blood. Now what?
As a follow up to the introduction of the Inside Indiana Blood Center’s Donation Process mini-series on scheduling an appointment, we want to tell you about step one of the donation process: registration.

Upon your arrival, an Indiana Blood Center associate will greet you and request your photo ID (a photo ID is required). Then, you will be asked to verify the information he/she has entered into the system. At this time you can make any needed corrections to ensure your information is accurate.

You will be directed to a private area where you will fill out a donor registration form.The donor registration form consists of 49 ‘yes or no’ questions regarding your eligibility.. After fully completing the door registration form, you will read and sign the consent portion of the form. Then, a blood technician will review the form to determine eligibility. He/she will answer any questions you may have at this time.

This concludes the first step of the blood donation process. From start to finish, this step should take less than 20 minutes.

Stay connected next week to gain more information on

Step Two: The Mini-Physical.

In the meantime, visit to schedule an appointment to Raise Your Sleeve.

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