Common Misconceptions about Donating Blood


Have you considered donating blood, but have yet to Raise Your Sleeve? Indiana Blood Center would like to know, what causes some people to fear or avoid the chair?

American Association of Blood Banks reports that less than 10 percent of eligible Americans currently donate. Many cite an assortment of reasons for not donating blood.

Needles are scary
Most often we hear, “I’m afraid of needles.” Many people have this concern well into adulthood. However, according to several Indiana Blood Center donors, the procedure is painless, quick, and easy.

Difficult to find time
Many people believe their lives are too busy to find time to donate. What those people may not know is that it only takes about an hour (start to finish) to donate blood. (FYI – this is equivalent to the amount of time it takes to watch an episode of NCIS).

Easy to forget
“I’ve been meaning to schedule another appointment, but I keep forgetting,” sound familiar? Remembering to donate blood is easier than you may think. Simply visit, schedule an appointment, and mark your calendar. Prior to your appointment, you will receive an e-mail reminder to help jog your memory.

So, why wait? Go to and make your life-saving appointment to Raise Your Sleeve today.

Did we miss anything? What reasons prevent you from donating blood?

One thought on “Common Misconceptions about Donating Blood

  1. Richard Beam says:

    Three days ago I donated three units of platelets at the Muncie Center. It was the 401 st time I have driven to a blood bank since April 19, 1991 to donate blood products. I started donating at age 57 and am 79 today. I have helped save around 700 lives. I was born into a family of six children and appear to be the healthiest of all six. I often ponder “Why do I have this great health?” My wife Evie who at one time was a registered nurse deserves much credit. But, so does my blood donations!!! The tremendously great satisfaction I get out of donating keeps my spirits elevated which I think contributes to my great physical health. And, it gives me a purpose in getting plenty of exercise and eating the right foods in order that I might continue saving lives. I have heard many people make the statement “I failed the iron test so I do not donate.” Well I have failed it four times since 1991 and my success proves one should continue trying to donate. Just because it is low one day does not mean it is always low. Men should also know that certain medications that aid urination do prohibite one from donating.whereas other medications such as rapaflo do not. I always coordinate medications with my physician and the Indiana Blood Center Medical staff so as to remain eligible for blood donation. Of all satisfactions one can ever experience in this life on earth my blood donations are by far the greatest!!!

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