Donor of the Month

Congratulations to Indiana Blood Center’s Donor of the Month…

James May, of West Lafayette.

James, 60, has been regularly donating blood since 1985. Even with a busy schedule as a 40-year letter carrier for West Lafayette, James found time to support Indiana Blood Center’s life-saving mission by donating platelets the maximum amount allowed every year since 2004.

Knowing platelets are constantly needed with a shelf life of only five days, James has committed to donating platelets whenever he is able.

As an adolescent, it was not easy for James to build up the courage to donate his first time. However, the rewarding feeling he experienced after donating brought James back.

“I was afraid of needles as a teenager. I made it a point not to look at the needle, and I still do. But I surprised myself. It wasn’t bad,” said James. “And it is the easiest way to save a life.”

Because blood donation is so important to sustaining the lives of Hoosiers and people everywhere, James encourages everyone to help donate blood.

“You might surprise yourself. People can do things they don’t even realize they can do,” said James. “What’s more important than saving lives? And it’s fun. I have a great time every time I do it.”

James’ commitment is quite compelling and we hold his dedication to our life-saving mission in high regard. Follow James’ lead and help save lives. Make an appointment today at

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