Donor of the Month

Congratulations to Indiana Blood Center’s Donor of the Month…

Daniel Orians of Carmel, Indiana

Daniel, a freshman at Ball State University, gave whole blood for the first time when he was 16 years old. Daniel felt uneasy and couldn’t stand the sight of needles, but it didn’t take long for Daniel to overcome his fear. He was back a year later and this time full of courage.

After learning from his mom (a dedicated platelet donor) about the lifesaving impact platelets have, Daniel decided to step up to the plate.

Daniel may be considered a “young” platelet donor, but young in this case does not indicate inexperienced. At the young age of 19, Daniel has donated 35 times (three whole blood donations and 32 platelet donations). Talk about dedication!

“Daniel rides his bike to his appointments rain or shine. That kind of dedication and passion isn’t something we see every day, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed,” said Chelsea, donor center specialist at Muncie donor center.

Daniel encourages all Hoosiers to take time to Raise Their Sleeves. The reward of knowing you helped save a life has proven to be well worth a small needle prick for Daniel.

“I love the feeling of knowing that within five days what I have donated could have saved someone’s life,” said Orians.

Follow Daniel’s lead and Raise Your Sleeve. The benefit is nothing short of lifesaving. Make an appointment today at

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