Ask Employees to Raise their Sleeves, Not Dollars

How often are you approached to give money? There are plenty of worthy causes that need our financial support. When Indiana Blood Center asks a local business to host a blood drive, we tell them to ask their employees to raise their sleeves, not dollars. A 501(c)3, we are a not-for-profit organization and can accept monetary donations, though our focus is on saving lives through the collection of blood.

When you decide to give back to your community through a blood donation, you don’t need to give money or even much time – but, the result can have an immediate impact on the life of a Hoosier.

Indiana Blood Center makes it easy for organizations looking for a community service opportunity for their employees and members. We coordinate with businesses, schools and faith-based groups to host blood drives on-site for free. The organization provides a space and recruits donors, and we show up at the curb with everything required to have a successful blood drive. It takes about an hour to donate blood, and with “curbside community service” the process is made convenient by having a blood drive at your organization.

We work with nearly 2,000 organizations throughout Indiana who have committed to “curbside community service” as part of their community service programs offered to employees and members.

Indiana Blood Center needs to see 191,163 donors in 2013 in order to meet the needs of the patients at the hospitals we supply.  This is a large number and therefore, we rely heavily on dedicated donors from these 2,000 host organizations to help get us there.

Encourage those who are able to give through “curbside community service.” It makes it convenient for you and your organization to give back. Remember that not everyone can give money to the local charity, but just about anyone can give blood. And when they do, their donation will touch the lives of three Hoosiers – maybe even someone in your organization.

To host a blood drive with Indiana Blood Center, click here to find a field representative in your area.

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