Donor of the Month

Congratulations to Indiana Blood Center’s Donor of the Month…

Tony Scott from Carmel, Indiana

Tony said the first time he ever donated blood was at a military base when he was in his twenties. “It was an easy way to get the day off,” said Tony. “I wasn’t aware at the time of the impact donating blood had on others.”

Years later, Tony donated blood again, but this time he understood the impact donating blood had on his community.

Tony has donated at the Carmel donor center over 25 times. Tony started off donating whole blood, but on his fifth visit, a Carmel blood technician informed Tony about the short shelf life and the importance of platelets. Right then and there Tony became a dedicated platelet donor.

“Donating blood is a selfless way to give back,” said Tony. He then joked, “And it’s crazy, I keep making more of it.”

Tony is not only dedicated and committed to our cause, his light-hearted personality brightens the Carmel donor center each time he walks through the door.

“Tony is one of our most fun and entertaining donors here at Carmel,” said Yolanda, blood collection supervisor at Carmel donor center. “Tony always walks in to donate with a big smile on his face and numerous jokes and stories to tell. He could entertain us for hours!”

Along with the patients at 60+ hospitals around Indiana, we are fortunate to have Tony’s support.

Take Tony’s lead and Raise Your Sleeve. Go to to schedule your appointment today.

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