Dr. Dan Waxman Recognized Locally and Nationally

Congratulations to Dr. Dan Waxman, Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Indiana Blood Center who received two honorable awards in the past two months.

Indiana State Association of Blood Banks (ISABB) held their annual meeting in Carmel, Indiana from September 18-19. During this meeting Dr. Waxman was awarded The Victor H. Muller M.D. Award*. This award was established in 1991 to honor Victor Muller, M.D. for outstanding achievement in the field of Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine.

Dr. Waxman was chosen for consistently demonstrating a commitment of excellence towards educations, science, patient care, and community service in relation to the field of Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine.

“If I look at person who deserves this award, particularly from a physician’s standpoint, Dan Waxman is that guy,” said Byron Buhner, CEO and President of Indiana Blood Center. “Dan continually gives to his staff and always makes himself available, not only to his staff, but to hospital customers.” 

Not even a month later, AABB held their annual meeting in Denver, Colorado from October 12-15. Several Indiana Blood Center employees attended the meeting, just like they do every year. However, this year’s meeting held greater importance for Indiana Blood Center, as Dr. Waxman received the Hemphill-Jordan Leadership Award on behalf of AABB. Dr. Waxman’s acceptance of this award included a lecture presentation.

Dr. Waxman was chosen as a recipient of this award for his demonstration of leadership qualities and a consistent willingness to lend his expertise to his peers.

We are beyond fortunate to have Dr. Waxman on our team.  From all of us here at Indiana Blood Center, we congratulate Dr. Waxman on his well-deserved awards. Two more plaques to add to your wall!

(*Interesting Fact: Muller was the second medical director of Indiana Blood Center from 1967-1979. After Muller’s years at Indiana Blood Center, he went to work at St. Vincent’s, but stayed on Indiana Blood Center’s Board of Directors from 1979-1989.)

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