Donate Blood to Honor Coach Pagano’s Fight Against Leukemia

The Indianapolis Colts announced October 1 that head coach Chuck Pagano was diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia (APML). As Pagano undergoes treatment, physicians may administer blood transfusions to help his body overcome the disease.

A patient with APML will typically undergo specific antileukemic treatment, supportive care and other therapies to ensure a successful outcome (link to article). A fraction of APL patients develop fatal hemorrhages and therefore part of the treatment regimen for a patient with APML includes the transfusion of platelets to help control bleeding (link to article).

Hear what Indiana Blood Center’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Dan Waxman has to say about the role platelets play throughout the use of cancer treatment, in particular, chemotherapy for leukemia.

The Colts and Indiana Blood Center are encouraging fans to show their support for Coach Pagano by donating blood at any of the nine donor centers from Tuesday, October 9 – Saturday, October 13. Throughout the five days, we will provide cards for donors to write a personal message to Coach Pagano. “In Honor of Coach Pagano” stickers will also be available to wear, photos of which fans can then share on Facebook and Twitter using a special hashtag: #CHUCKSTRONG. CHUCKSTRONG posters will be available to all participants from October 9-13.

Fans interested in donating blood can go to to make an appointment.

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