Why Indiana Blood Center? And more importantly, why should I care?

We get these questions all the time. The answers should be easy enough. We’re here in Indiana. We collect blood. End of story. But, what we hear from Hoosiers now and then – either on the news, on Facebook, in donor surveys or just in regular conversation – tells us that people may not know us as well as we’d like. Plus – it’s really not all we do.

So, during the coming months, we’re going to answer that question here on RaiseYourSleeve.org as well as on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Through our BLOODSTREAM campaign, we hope to open the doors to Indiana Blood Center’s operations and better inform the public – yes, you – and describe exactly what it takes to be Indiana’s largest independent blood provider.

Why do we feel compelled to talk about ourselves?

Well, to be honest, when it comes to saving lives – we’re kind of a big deal. We help connect the dots drips from a volunteer donor all the way to a patient in need at your local hospital.  In fact, just one unit of blood donated from a single Hoosier can save up to three other Hoosiers thanks to the stable blood supply recruited, collected, processed, tested, labeled and stored by some of the 400 employees from … you guessed it … Indiana Blood Center.

If by talking about our work, telling our story (in addition to the stories of our dedicated donors and valiant recipients), and correcting some of the misconceptions out there about blood donations – then perhaps we’ll inspire more Hoosiers to become lifelong donors or organize blood drives.

Why Indiana Blood Center?

I’m glad you asked.

Stay tuned for more useful information about why Indiana Blood Center is the bloodstream of Hoosier community service.

Follow us on Twitter at @indianablood using the hashtag #BLOODSTREAM. In the meantime, be sure to check out our webpage on BLOODSTREAM by visiting indianablood.org/BloodStream.

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