Local Guy, Local Story

high quality meat, even better people

L.E. Kincaid & Sons first opened for business in 1921 as a local meat shop in the heart of Indianapolis. Since then, the Kincaid’s team has been providing Hoosiers with high quality and specialty meats backed with their passion and customer service.

When they say service oriented, their passion doesn’t stop at the store counter. It’s the big heart of Dave Rollins, owner and grandson of the founder that makes their story so unique.

12 years ago, Dave’s father was very ill due to a bad heart. He was losing blood and was in great need of multiple blood transfusions. He had a rare blood type so when surgery was scheduled, the hospital made sure it had the blood components it needed. While the doctors were prepping for his surgery, a group of young motorcycle riders was rushed into the emergency room; unfortunately, one rider was in desperate need of that exact same rare blood.

Faced with a difficult decision, the Rollins family and the doctors had to decide who should receive the life-saving products. Was it the elderly man who was there first, or the young trauma victim?

“It was one of those ‘who was more deserving’ situations, the elderly man without much time or the young kid,” said Dave.

Dave and the Rollins family were ready to make the difficult decision to save that young man’s life when Indiana Blood Center made the decision for them.

“Indiana Blood Center scrambled and showed up with enough blood for both people,” Dave said. They pulled off a miracle and found enough for everybody.”

Thankfully, Dave’s father recovered and was able to live for another six months.

Though the time was short in the overall scheme, the extra months were pretty special according to Dave.

A few years later we approached Dave for his help and he jumped at the chance.

“There are a lot of people who feel strongly about the cause,” Dave said.

With the extra help of WFMS and the Hamilton County Beef Association, Kincaid’s has been the muscle and meat behind “Beef Up the Blood Supply” which has been an annual event at the Fishers Donor Center for the last seven years. Dave donates his time and ribeye sandwiches for this event which marries good food, good music and a good cause.

“It’s just payback for some awfully good help,” Dave said regarding his dedicated service to the event.

 “I’m very grateful that the decision didn’t have to be made,” Dave said, “and I credit Indiana Blood Center for that.”

We at Indiana Blood Center thank Dave for his continued passion for his support to the local community. With his help, our mission for ensuring that hospitals have the life-saving blood components they need is strengthened.

Remember, it’s always important to eat a good meal before donation. We think a ribeye sandwich is the perfect meal.

Become a leader in your community, make your appointment now at DonorPoint.org

One thought on “Local Guy, Local Story

  1. Richard Beam says:

    Dave, That is a MOST INSPIRATIONAL ACCOUNT OF TWO LIVES being SAVED!!! And, Dave I was at Fisher’s one year ago and no doubt ate the meal you provided! Thank You and keep encouraging all of us to keep donating!!!! Dick

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