Happy World Blood Donor Day

As the world celebrates all those who give blood,

it is our turn to THANK YOU.
As an Indiana Blood Center donor, you are making a difference by touching countless lives of patients at over 60 hospitals.

We are using this day as a way to show gratitude towards our generous and dedicated donors. One of the ways we plan to show thanks is by sharing donor and recipient stories, exemplifying the direct impact our donors have on local hospital patients. Throughout the day, we will be sharing these stories on Facebook and Twitter. We encourage all of you to share your story too.

We will also be asking our donors, recipients, partners, champions and employees to change their Facebook profile/cover photo and/or Twitter profile picture to one with an Indiana Blood Center mark, see below.  If you are able and willing to change your pictures, join in. Please click on the appropriate one below, save, and upload to Facebook and/or Twitter.

           Are you a donor?                                                      

                                                                 A recipient?

Or maybe you just like our cause…

Whichever you are, we think you deserve to be Thanked.

So remember if you see these images on someone’s profile today, Thank them.

They really are life savers.

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