A Double Donation

Meet Richard & Carolyn Anderson

Richard and Carolyn are loyal donors at Indiana Blood Center, but their most recent visit to the Terre Haute donor center carried a lot more weight than usualliterally. The Andersons were quite a sight as they showed up to their appointment with arms full of pop tabs, over 30lbs of tabs to be precise.

 When asked why they started collecting the pop tabs, Carolyn said it was because they just wanted to help.

“It’s not something we just did overnight,” Carolyn said. “It took us many years and lots of help from our whole family chipping in.” 

The Anderson family had lots of fun collecting the pop tabs because it was something their entire family could do together. The pop tabs are collected for Ronald McDonald House and recycled to generate much-needed funds to support the House and the families that they serve each year.

Cathi Krumreich, blood collection technician and supporter of Ronald McDonald House, was present when the Andersons hauled in their load of pop tabs to the Terre Haute donor center*.

 The biggest amount I’ve ever seen brought in is a gallon freezer bag or a sandwich bag full of tabs.” Cathi said. “When they came in the door with all these pop tabs, I about fell on the floor. I was just so amazed and thankful.” 

In addition to collecting pop tabs, both Richard and Carolyn have been blood donors for over 17 years and love to donate together.

We do everything together,” Carolyn said, “we are joined at the hip.”

It was when Carolyn’s mother got really ill and underwent open heart surgery that Richard and Carolyn started giving blood, and they soon became hooked. Cancer and sickness has been in their family before and they just wanted to give back any way they could.

These loyal donors are happy to know that the pop tabs and their blood donations are going to help others.

Their story is just an example of how loyal Indiana Blood Center donors impact the lives of those around them, in more ways than one.

Thank you to Richard and Carolyn for their selflessness and dedication to serving fellow Hoosiers. We encourage everyone to follow their lead by finding a way to give back.

Need help getting started? Visit donorpoint.org to make your appointment, today is a great day to begin.

*The Terre Haute donor center collects pop tabs from their employees and donors to be donated in support of Ronald McDonald House.

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