A Campaign Raising Sleeves and Eyebrows

Stripping down to the facts as this London blood center’s donation campaign took awareness to a whole new level.

This striking campaign was rolled out on the streets of London in order to raise awareness in a very unique way. The mobile pieces of art were covered with blood vessel body art to not only turn heads, but to get people asking questions.

The idea behind the memorable movement was to raise awareness of blood donation shortages during the summer months.

The participants walked through busy streets and airports to let their message be seen.

As people break free from their regular routines, jobs and schoolwork aren’t the only things that get left behind. Blood donations see an unusual decrease in these high activity months. This is just one blood center’s take on tackling the issue of low blood supply throughout summer months.

The group behind these eye-catching pieces of art is the National Health Service Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) in England and North Wales. Their goal is to boost their blood supply 30 percent by the start of the 2012 Olympic Games in July. With the increase of momentous events in the upcoming summer months, the supply will need to be stocked and ready to go.  

Blood shortages throughout the summer months are not limited to London. In fact, shortages are a regular occurance right here in the Hoosier state. Indiana Blood Center must see at least 550 donors each and every day to meet patient needs at more than 60 local hospitals that Indiana Blood Center supplies. Approximately 30 percent of our yearly donations come from education accounts like high schools and colleges. During the summer months, when school is not in session, we miss out on a large pool of donors, which can leave our shelves bare.

Even rain couldn’t stop this team from their movement to change.

This striking and maybe even racy campaign is just one way to peak interest and raise awareness of the looming issue of blood shortages.



What can you do in your local community?  

Don’t wait until a walking blood vessel comes to your door. Recognize the need and do something about it.

Become a walking blood donor instead. It’s easy.

To schedule your appointment to donate and help against the summer shortages go to www.donorpoint.org

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