Donor of the Month

We are happy to announce Indiana Blood Center’s donor of the month

Gayle Ennis of Lafayette, Indiana

Since 1991, Gayle has donated platelets with Indiana Blood Center 183 times and is still going strong. Lafayette blood collections staff has given Gayle the nickname, “the platelet machine.”

Believe it or not, Gayle has actually exceeded 183 donations. Gayle began donating whole blood when she was 20 years old.

I was born and raised in California. When I was about 20 I decided to give whole blood when there was a blood drive at the hospital where I worked. I was scared to death – needles didn’t bother me, but I had heard that some folks fainted or threw up and I was so afraid of embarrassing myself,” Gayle stated.

Avoiding her fears, Gayle chatted her way through her first donation and from then on, Gayle became a regular.

Years later Gayle and her husband moved to Indiana. In 1976 Gayle’s husband was hospitalized for Chron’s disease and had three surgeries within four days where he received numerous blood transfusions. Between the move and “life” donating blood became hard to fit in Gayle’s schedule.

Several years later Gayle’s husband had open heart surgery and required even more blood.

It was after her husband’s open heart surgery when Gayle knew it was time to make donating blood part of her routine, yet again.

Charlotte Hickle, an Indiana Blood Center staff members stated,

“Gayle is kind, thoughtful and truly believes in donating. Gayle is a very generous donor and has a good sense of humor.”

On top of being a regular blood donor, Gayle volunteers at her church’s food pantry twice a week.

All of this is as much a blessing to me as to the ones we serve,” Gayle stated.

We thank Gayle for sharing her story and hope her dedication inspires others to give back.

Follow Gayle’s lead and Raise Your Sleeve. Go to and make an appointment to save a life today.

One thought on “Donor of the Month

  1. Dick Beam says:

    Gayle, we are all proud of your sacrifice to help others! It is people like you that keep all the rest of us donating as well. Keep up the good works. Dick Beam

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