40 Random Acts of Kindness

Meet Marsha.

Marsha Winters is from Terre Haute, Indiana and recently celebrated her 40th birthday. Similar to many others, Marsha was not particularly looking forward to turning 40. Regardless of how much Marsha dreaded that day, 40 was going to come sooner than later. Instead of focusing on the wrinkles and reading glasses that came along with 40, Marsha decided to celebrate her 40 wonderful years of life.

I do have to give credit to becoming older because I think it has allowed me to start seeing what really matters in this life… and that is, life is short. I needed to start the change I wanted to see in this world,” Marsha stated.

In order to properly celebrate her 40 years of life, Marsha’s Birthday Project came to fruition. This project was inspired by a similar one Marsha came across on the Internet a few months back.

For her 40th birthday, Marsha created a list of 40 random acts of kindness that she could set out to do in her own community the week of her birthday. Marsha planned to document all 40 random acts of kindness by sharing each act through photos and comments on her Facebook page.

Marsha compiled a list of 40 random acts of kindness and set out to accomplish her list of good deeds. From sending a thank you note to gifting cupcakes to the nurses at her local hospital, and from donating blankets to donating money to the disaster relief fund, Marsha was able to give back to more people than she had hoped. (See complete list below).

When asked what the most rewarding random act of kindness was that she performed, Marsha responded, “donating blood.”

Marsha and her husband, Bobby, donating blood at Indiana Blood Center's Terre Haute donor center

I couldn’t think of a better way to give back, pay it forward, than helping others in need.”

As a first time blood donor, Marsha offers words of encouragement to those who have never donated before, “Just think about it. Think of all the people that it can help. Make it personal. Think of someone who you know that has benefited from a blood transfusion and do it for him or her as an appreciation.”

From saving lives to putting a smile on a strangers face, Marsha received the best birthday gift of all, a happy heart.

One year older, five days later and 40 random acts of kindness checked of her list, Marsha’s Birthday Project was a success. Although Marsha’s 40 candles are no longer burning, her wish is that the gift of kindness will shine forever.

I hope that in some small way that by me sharing this with you that you will become inspired to make a difference in someone else’s life. It doesn’t have to be big and as you can see, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, but it is something that can change a world…one person at a time, one birthday at a time.”

Follow Marsha’s lead. Begin today with good deed number 26, donating blood. Make an appointment to save a life, today.

Marsha’s 40 Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Donate money to the Disaster Relief at the Grocery Store
  2. Send a Thank You to someone who has made a difference in my life
  3. Take treats to the Humane Society
  4. Give someone a Free Car Wash
  5. Tape popcorn to Redbox for Movie night
  6. Take cookies to Fire Dept
  7. Take flowers to Nursing Home
  8. Take cookies to Groomer
  9. Take change to Laundromat
  10. Take cookies to Police Dept
  11. Take cupcakes to nurses at the hospital
  12. Take crayons and coloring books to the waiting room at the hospital
  13. Take balloons to sick patients in Hospital
  14. Free drink at vending machine
  15. Donate old phones to Hope Line
  16. Put money in donation box at McDonalds
  17. Pay for someone in line behind you at McDonalds
  18. Push up Grocery Carts
  19. Give someone a Walmart Gift Card
  20. Give a Food Donation for Feed the Hungry Program
  21. Pick up neighbors Trash cans
  22. Give juice box donation to preschoolers
  23. Read to the preschoolers at Ryves
  24. Give clothes donation to Kiducation
  25. Give Starbucks gift card to someone in drive thru
  26. Give blood 
  27. Thank the Mailman
  28. Thank the Trash man
  29. Donate bottle caps
  30. Send care package to Solders
  31. Give one hour massage to single mom
  32. Donate blanket for Project Linus
  33. Take lunch to a friend who is at work
  34. Take cupcakes to Deborah’s house for the kids
  35. Pay for 2 kids admission to museum
  36. Take quarters to vending machine at museum
  37. Leave gift card in favorite children’s book (Olivia)
  38. Take close to Lighthouse Mission
  39. Donate to Reading Buddies Program at Library
  40. Buy a gas card and give to someone at the gas station

7 thoughts on “40 Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Annora Null says:

    wow, i love this idea…..just think of how many random acts of kindness Don & I could do. Our next birthdays, God willing of course, we will be 73! Maybe we could each do 36 1/2 simultaneously. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Ilene Ayers says:

    Thanks Marsha. I have just had two major surgerys and am going to be
    61 in 4 days and I to wanted to do 61 acts of kindness. So I had many of
    my own ideas I am going to use some of yours also. Great job and thanks
    for sharing Ilene

  3. furpurr says:

    Hi Marsha!! I used to live in TH; my daughter was born there, so VERY cool to find someone “local” who has done this!!!! I try to do some every day, if i can {the “non-monetary” ones}; some things i have done, i never considered RAKs, until i read them on other lists!! 😎
    ANNORA: great idea, & future happy 73rd to you both!!…i’d go for 37 acts each. 😉
    MARSHA: i compiled a list, from about 5 “RAK”-type sites, of…well, i do not remember how many!! I created a blog page, just so i could post the list. {Page is with my info.}

  4. amanda says:

    I so did this! Thank u so much for sharing this. We did 25 out of 40 and made 15 more up that was good for this area. To make a difference in that many peoples lives in one day was awesome! We r going to make this a birthday tradition with me and my children will b doing this for their own birthdays now.

  5. Luckie 9 says:

    This is very nice, I always try to go out of my way to make people happy. And when your having a horrible day alone, try to make a difference in their lives. I’m going to spend the day with my mom doing as many good deeds for people from small things like leaving money between idems at the grocery store, or to donating old clothes, everyone can do a small thing to turn into a big thing for somebody else:)

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