Tally Up Your Good Deeds With Trensy

What is your motivator behind donating blood? Cookies? One hour out of math class? Giving back to your community?

There are numerous reasons behind donating blood, but the number one reason blood donors say they give is because they want to help others. Donating blood is a selfless, good deed that provides a simple foundation for giving back.

Next time you partake in this selfless action, why not rack up some points? Allow me to introduce to you, trensy foursquare for social good – an entertaining, easy-to-use application where one can earn points for all his or her good deeds, while competing against other “do-gooders” in your community.

Below, Bryan Naas, CEO and Co-Founder of the Indianapolis based company, trensy, shares more about why and how to engage with trensy.

Competition is a part of our daily lives. Most of us partake in competition at work, when we cheer on our favorite sports teams, and even at home with the classic sibling rivalries. Good and bad, people are competitive by nature. At trensy, we are tapping into this competitive nature as a force for good. 

At its core, trensy is working to change the way people think about community service by making it fun, competitive and everyday instead of just when convenient. Using smartphones and web apps, users find and check in good deeds they do throughout the day to earn points and awards. Trensy is a great way for people to get involved and make their community a better place.

Imagine the groups you associate with: your city, your school, your church, your work. These make up your teams on trensy. The good deeds you do in the community earn points to help your teams move up the leaderboards.

Raising Your Sleeve at Indiana Blood Center can help your Fishers team move past Carmel in the City Challenge.

Picking up some unsightly litter as you walk into the office can help your IU team move past Purdue in the College Challenge.

Whatever you choose, whatever your team, it’s all for the good of the community.

Which teams will you join? Get involved now to be sure your favorites are winning and help improve your community and the world. Join trensy today!

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