Questions & Answers with Dr. Dan Waxman

Dr. Dan Waxman, Indiana Blood Center’s Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Director signed onto our Facebook page yesterday morning for our first ever, “Live Question & Answer Session.”

Below is a list of the questions asked, along with Dr. Waxman’s answers.

Q: I have the sickle-cell trait and I am unable to donate blood. Will there ever be a time where it would be safe to donate blood?

A: The issue with donors with sickle-cell trait is the donation cannot be filtered. We filter whole blood to remove white blood cells. Unfortunately, because 100% of donations are filtered you are unable to donate.

Q: I had an outpatient surgery in November of 2011, when will I be able to donate again?

A: It depends on the type of surgery. If it is not for cancer or heart surgery and if you were not transfused, you should be fine to donate if you are now in good health and released by your surgeon.

Q: Are there any requirements for donating platelets?

A: For platelets, we like for someone to be a whole blood donor first so they go through the screening process. Also, we are actively recruiting male platelet donors as they have a higher platelet count and can actually donate 2 or even 3 adult doses of platelets each time they donate.

Thanks for all of those who tuned in and asked questions. For more questions and answers, please check out our FAQ page on our website. If you are ever looking for an immediate answer, please feel free to call 317.916.5150 or 1.800.632.4722.

Make sure you Like Indiana Blood Center’s Facebook page because Dr. Waxman will be back in about a month to answer more of your questions.

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