Donor of the Month

As we continue with the Donor of the Month Series, we are happy to announce Indiana Blood Center’s donor of the month…

Gary Wobler of Carmel, Indiana

To date, Wobler has donated 57 times. His specialty is platelets with the occasional whole blood donation.

Wobler’s decision to become a blood donor came easy when his late wife was found to have breast cancer. Wobler saw first-hand the positive impact blood had throughout his wife’s treatment.

“My late wife and I always tried to help others less fortunate and before she passed away she made me promise to never stop,” Wobler stated.

From that moment on, Wobler became a dedicated blood donor. Thelma and Yolanda, two Indiana Blood Center staff members stated,

“Gary is more than a dedicated donor, he has become our friend.”

Unfortunately, Wobler recently lost his brother-in-law to leukemia. But Wobler claims because of the generosity of blood donors, he and his family were able to be with him that much longer.

Wobler donates regularly knowing he is giving back and helping those in need.

We thank Wobler for sharing his story and hope his personal experience with blood inspires others to give back.

Follow Wobler’s lead and Raise Your Sleeve. Go to to make an appointment to save a life today.

Learn more about how Wobler carries on his wife’s legacy by visiting

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