Donor of the Month

With a new year comes new opportunities and modified resolutions for the average person. But for a dedicated blood donor, a new year brings about the same opportunity and the consistent resolution of saving lives.

With 110,000 unique donors, it’s time we start recognizing some of them. At the end of each month we will acknowledge and applaud one of our generous and dedicated donors.

Starting off the Donor of the Month series is…

Steve Phillips of Greenfield, Indiana

As of January 31, 2012, Phillips has donated 48 times, doing so simply to “help others.”

If I’d known how relatively quick and painless the donating process was, I’d have started years ago,” Phillips said.

Inspired by the potential of saving lives, Phillips continues his selfless task of donating blood. He is gratified that is able to help people and is aware that someday he may be the one in need.

For many years I have been blessed with good health, and donating blood is my way of giving back what I’ve been blessed with,” Phillips said.

Phillips strongly encourages anyone who is eligible to donate to do so whenever possible.

The gift of life is precious. Let’s pass it on,” Phillips said.

Follow Steve’s lead and give the gift of life. Go to and make an appointment to donate blood today.  

5 thoughts on “Donor of the Month

    1. STEVE PHILLIPS says:

      You’re right Dick. What better gift to give someone than the chance to live if they need your blood? Take care my friend!

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