Give For Those Who Cannot

With our deepest sympathy, we are saddened to share that Jackson Fetter, whose father graciously shared with us his story below, passed away on August 24, 2012. May Jackson’s strength and spirit continue to inspire and endure.

Jackson Fetter

Travis Fetter from West Lafayette, Indiana has donated platelets and whole blood countless times at Indiana Blood Center‘s Lafayette blood center.

Travis began giving without ever thinking his family would be the ones receiving. Travis shares his reason for raising his sleeve.

Why do you donate?

I donate simply because I can, when others cannot.

What is unique about your story?

After donating blood and platelets for more than 7 years, my family found itself on the receiving end of those donations.

In May 2010, my son, Jackson, was diagnosed with Leukemia and would soon undergo chemotherapy treatment which resulted in a bone marrow transplant in October 2010. As a result of the chemotherapy, his body was unable to produce healthy amounts of red blood cells and platelets.

Between May and October, transfusions were needed sometimes 3 or 4 times a week.

“Without donations, Jackson would not have been able to maintain his health and happiness throughout the treatment.”

Thank you, Travis for sharing such an inspirational story.

Let’s all Raise our Sleeves for Jackson. Make an appointment to give blood today at and tomorrow… You’ll have someone’s undying gratitude.

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