The Power of Platelets

Below is a letter we received from Ed and Sandy, parents of Andrew, from Greenwood, Indiana. Ed is a long time blood donor. Giving blood is just something Ed has made part of his life. Until recently Ed did not think much about who was on the receiving end of his donations.

The day after Ed and Sandy’s son, Andrew, was born he was diagnosed with neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia (NAIT). NAIT is a rare condition in which the mother’s blood enters the fetus’ blood stream and antibodies from the mother’s blood attack the fetus’ blood platelets. At the time of his diagnosis, Andrew’s platelet count was less than 10% of normal and he was in need of an emergency platelet transfusion.


Dear Indiana Blood Center,

We just wanted to drop you a quick note to give you an update on our son, Andrew, and also to extend our thanks.

Andrew’s platelet count has been rising since Tuesday. In fact he is recovering so well we may be able to go home a little sooner than originally expected. He is very healthy and very happy!

Thank you also for the outstanding treatment my wife Sandy received when she came in for her platelet donation yesterday. Your staff was very professional and it was greatly appreciated.

This outcome could not have been possible without the work of your team there at Indiana Blood Center and all of your generous donors.

Our pediatrician and the staff at St. Francis did a fantastic job with diagnosis and a treatment strategy, but if platelets had not been readily available when he needed them the outcome could have been dramatically different for our family.

Words cannot express the gratitude we have for the work that you and your team perform day in and day out. They cannot express how thankful we are for the donors who give their time and their blood to help save countless lives like my son’s.

We will keep all of you in our prayers as your staff and your donors continue your remarkable mission of saving lives.

Ed & Sandy

Indiana Blood Center would like to thank Ed & Sandy for sharing their story.

Above is a wonderful testimony proving platelets save lives. But without generous donors, there would be no supply of platelets to provide to our hospitals for patients to receive.

Let’s all Raise our Sleeves in honor of Andrew and his courageous fight for life!

Go to and make an appointment to donate platelets today.

2 thoughts on “The Power of Platelets

  1. Dick Beam says:

    Ed and Sandy, You have a blessed angel in Andrew. I will be praying he stays healthy. This brings back wonderful memories of a baby I donated platelets for that was born with a condition called TAR Syndrome. Ed, you and I must keep up our donations of blood products. And, the staff of Indiana Blood Center are so great that indeed it makes donating a joy. Dick Beam

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