A Lifesaving Organization

Shelly Shearer joined the Indiana Blood Center field rep team a few months ago and we are thrilled to have her on board. With a few months under her belt we were curious to know what Shelly thinks of Indiana Blood Center.

What Indiana Blood Center means to Shelly:

I feel so fortunate to be part of a great organization like Indiana Blood Center.

To me, the most meaningful thing is that the blood we collect at Indiana Blood Center is supplied to Indiana Hospitals.

Thanks to our volunteer donors and the services we provide, lives of our neighbors, family and friends are being saved daily. That is powerful to me.

If that simple message could be shared with all of the potential donors that the blood drive coordinators are trying to recruit… I think it will go a long way.

Let’s keep on saving lives. Go to DonorPoint.org and make an appointment to donate blood today.

One thought on “A Lifesaving Organization

  1. Dick Beam says:

    We need to supply blood products to some Fort Wayne hospitals or at least to some neighboring hospitals in northeast Indiana. A few days ago it was announced that Parkview Hospital here in Fort Wayne are going to build a new facility at the area of the intersection of Liberty Mills Road and West Jefferson Blvd. That would be just about one mile west of the current Lutheran Hospital. I do not believe this new facility is going to replace andy of the current facilities operated by Parkview Hospital. Please look into this as a source to provide blood products. Shelly, your comment is well made, but does not apply too heavily up here in Northeast Indiana. Please take a look at the map of where Indiana Blood Center supplies products.

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