Elementary School Blood Drives: Seeing the Bigger Picture

Don’t worry—we aren’t collecting blood donations from elementary age students now.

But every elementary student has an adult guardian. And every elementary student will eventually reach an Indiana high school where Indiana Blood Center will come for their blood drive.

As part of the Help a Hoosier Service Learning Project with the Indianapolis Colts, elementary and middle school students can learn about the importance of blood donation, what a blood center’s role in their community is and how transfusions work.

While too young to donate blood, elementary and middle school students can share the information they learn and encourage those who are eligible to participate in a community blood drive held at the school.

Learning resources free of charge for participating schools:

  • A visit to Indiana Blood Center’s main collection and testing facility in Indianapolis (3450 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46208).
  • A visit to the school by Indiana Blood Center’s medical director to share a presentation geared to students about blood and blood donation.
  • Web access to My Blood, Your Blood, an award-winning science education program that teaches about the amazing journey of blood in our bodies.

When a student has an adult show up to the school blood drive to donate for them they receive a certificate of recognition from Indiana Blood Center and the Indianapolis Colts.

With these Help a Hoosier elementary blood drives we hope it helps debunk myths and fears about donating blood. Students can look up to adults who donate and look forward to doing the same once they reach high school.

To learn more about hosting an elementary school blood drive, find an Indiana Blood Center Field Representative near you.

Check out the short video below of local Spring Mill Elementary’s first blood drive!

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