Saving Lives for 20 Years

I started donating blood products in 1991 at the age of 57, and now I am 77 and still a regular donor.

“I have been very proud of saving lives for twenty years.”

What many find interesting is that I am an epileptic. Fortunately, I have not had an epileptic seizure since 1958, and my total number of platelet donations now number 367 along with a total of 13 whole blood donations. Donating blood has never caused me any problem at all.  

While I haven’t known who the recipients of my donations have been through the years, I have known of 3 particular cases of individuals who recovered because of my platelet donations. That kind of news really makes one feel good.

“My conclusions through all these donations to save lives is that it results in me being healthy and leaves me feeling extremely positive about helping others in such a powerful way.”

The technicians at Indiana Blood Center are well-trained, and use the most advanced technology. I find all those employed by Indiana Blood Center to be very professional and humble people.

God willing, I hope to have the health needed to continue donating and saving lives years into the future. I encourage all to join me in this effort. If for health reasons you cannot donate then please do a good deed by helping another person as I have found that in doing such, you will also truly be helping yourself.   

Written by Dick Beam, an Indiana Blood Center blood donor enthusiast. 

Indiana Blood Center would like to thank Dick for his continued support and his lifesaving efforts. We encourage all of you to join Dick’s lead and sign up to donate blood. Go to and make an appointment today.

2 thoughts on “Saving Lives for 20 Years

  1. Gene says:

    It is donors like Mr. Beam that truly make the Blood Center such a wonderful and worthwhile place to work. When people give of themselves so effortlessly for no other reason but to help someone in need and ask nothing in return….all I can do is stand humbly aside and say thank you from all the employees here at IBC….

    1. Dick Beam says:

      Gene, it a team effort! You employees at Indiana Blood Center do an outstanding job. I often marvel at the lack of any bruise to my arm where your technicians insert the needle. Often I cannot even feel the needle being inserted as they do such an outstanding job. Obviously, they are well trained! Dick

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