Seeing the First-Hand Importance of Blood Donations

Indiana Blood Center Field Representative, Judy Helminger, asked  Cornerstone Baptist Academy’s blood drive coordinator, Anita Dorsett:

Why is being a blood drive coordinator for Indiana Blood Center important to you? 

Indiana Blood Center came to Cornerstone Baptist Academy several years ago asking if the school wanted to participate in a donation program that could potentially benefit the school by recruiting donors.

As the school decided to get involved in the program I was asked to be the coordinator as the school secretary. I gladly accepted the position seeing first-hand the importance of blood donations.

When I first began, my late husband had been fighting Multiple Myeloma for a few years and had needed a few blood transfusions. During the last nine months or so of his fight with cancer he was receiving approximately two blood transfusions a week, and several platelet transfusions.*

“If it was not for the very generous donations of others, my children would not had the opportunity to spend those last several months with their father.”

I am no longer employed at Cornerstone Baptist Academy, but remain the coordinator for the blood drives because of the importance of donating blood. Yes, donating blood benefits the school through the amazing incentive programs Indiana Blood Center offers, but donating blood and being involved is so much more than that.

Not every person is a suitable donor so it is my goal to let those who “can” donate understand the importance and that they really do have someone’s “undying gratitude” each time they donate.

*Most of his transfusions were received at the Central Indiana Cancer Center and Community North Hospital.

Indiana Blood Center thanks Anita for her dedication and efforts she puts forth to coordinate blood drives at Cornerstone Baptist Academy.

Want to host a blood drive with Indiana Blood Center? Click here to find a local Indiana Blood Center contact.

Already host blood drives with us? Click here to find all the tools you will need to host a successful blood drive.

One thought on “Seeing the First-Hand Importance of Blood Donations

  1. donate blood says:

    I donate blood now. It saved my life. Give the gift of life! Please, donate blood. It may be your life that needs saved. You can visit the Red Cross for sign up locations and times!

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