Guinness Book of World Records

John Sheppard donated whole blood for the 315th time at Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort Myers, Florida in July. Mr. Sheppard was confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records for most whole blood donations, beating the previous record of 231 whole blood donations, which was set in 2009 by Phillip Baird of Australia.

Did you know that the Guinness Book of World Records also recognizes the following blood-related records?

  • Most blood donated – apheresis: Richard Burke (US) donated his 1411th unit of blood on his 1,193rd blood donation visit on June 4, 2004.
  • Most blood donated over consecutive years: Maurice Creswick of South Africa has donated blood “continuously” since 1944.  He donated his 380th unit on May 12, 2010.
  • Largest blood donation: A blood donation event with 43,732 participants was held at Dera Sacha Sauda, Haryana, India on August 8, 2010.
  • Highest blood sugar level: Michael Patrick Buonocore (US) survived a blood sugar level of 2,656 mg/dL when tested in the Emergency Room (normal, 80-120 mg/dL) on March 23, 2008.
  • Highest triglyceride level: Terry Culton (US) had a measured triglyceride reading of 3165 mg/dL, which is 21 times the normal level of <150 mg/dL, on June 3, 1998.
  • Largest Heart: The Blue Whale is credited as having the largest heart of any living creature.  It can weigh over 1500 lb and can be as large as a small automobile. The blue whale’s heart pumps approximately 15,000 pints of blood (compared to a human’s 8 pints).
  • Largest gathering of people dressed as vampires: The Loveland Road Runners of Loveland, Colorado (US) gathered 357 individuals dressed as vampires on October 17, 2001. The event was held in conjunction of raising awareness of the importance of blood donations.
  • Lowest Heart Rate: Martin Brady (UK)’s resting heart rate was measured at 27 bpm on August 11, 2005.

 Are you close to the world record for most blood donations? No? Well here’s your chance. Start by going to and make an appointment to donate blood today.

-Written by Heather Vaught, Director of Technical Operations, Production for Indiana Blood Center

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