How to Effectively Coordinate a High School Blood Drive

An Equation for Success:  How to Effectively Coordinate a High School Blood Drive

Did you know that 30 percent of all the blood collected from organizations in Indiana is from high school blood drives? 

If you are a person who coordinates blood drives at your high school and you have been looking for ways to increase participation, you have found the right blog post. 

The key to growing your high school blood drive is doing as much preparation ahead of time to ensure a great turnout. And trying to think like a high-schooler doesn’t hurt either!

Below are a few ideas to help increase participation in your high school blood drive.

  1. Making a “blood drive sign-up packet” for each space on the sign-up sheet could prove very useful to ensuring a good turnout. Each packet could contain a reminder appointment card, a 16-year-old consent form and a blood donation fact sheet for each student to take home to his or her parent.
  2. Three weeks ahead of time, get into the lunch room and start signing kids up! Have your students man a table in the lunch room and take around the sign-up sheet to every table until the sign-up sheet is filled up. A full sign-up sheet equates to a successful blood drive.
  3. Require that the 16-year-old consent forms be returned two weeks before the blood drive is scheduled to happen. If a student does not return his or her consent form by the due date, have an alternate student take their place on the sign-up sheet.
  4. Ask the school office for an up-to-date roster and a yearbook from last year (this is where thinking like a kid comes into play); many students will forget their ID the day of the drive and if you provide a roster and a year book we can cross reference the two and allow students who forgot their ID to donate blood.

The earlier you can get commitments from students while having a plan B when that doesn’t work out, the better.

Preparation + determination for a full sign-up sheet + plan B = one very successful high school blood drive

If you are a blood drive coordinator please visit for all the resources you need to achieve a successful blood drive.

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