You’ll Have Someone’s Undying Gratitude

Indiana Blood Center donor, Anna Aukerman, shares with us why she Raises Her Sleeve.

Why do you donate blood?

Ever since I was little I heard the phrase, “You’ll have someone’s undying gratitude”. It’s always stuck with me and so I started to donate regularly. There’s nothing that beats knowing you’re saving a life with something as little as the prick of an arm. I love donating! It’s one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have.

What is unique about your story?

I’ve always felt the desire to donate and help a person in need. I kept thinking, “There could be someone out there dying who needs my blood type.” Turns out I have O- blood so that “someone” could be anyone, and I’ll donate as long as I can!

Follow Anna’s lead and Raise Your Sleeve. Go to and make an appointment to donate blood today. Like Anna said, “You’ll have someone’s undying gratitude.”

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