I Recruit Donors Because I Cannot Give Myself

Indiana Blood Center Field Representative, Courtney Adkins, asked Memorial Home Care blood drive coordinator, Jan Parr,

Why Do You Coordinate Blood Drives?  

At the age of 34, I was suddenly diagnosed with Acute Myelocytic Leukemia, a very rare form, and given a 20% chance of survival. During my 3 month hospital stay, I had 42 transfusions and received platelets as well for much of the time. That is why I am passionate about coordinating my company’s blood drives! 

“I would not be here today if not for generous, anonymous donors who wanted to do something wonderful for someone they didn’t even know.” 

I recruit donors because I myself cannot give. If you choose – you can save lives without really doing anything but sitting back in a comfy chair and feeling a little prick. Then you eat your cookies and think to yourself…I just saved 3 lives!!!

Indiana Blood Center thanks Jan for her dedication and efforts she puts forth to coordinate blood drives at Memorial Home Care.

Want to host a blood drive with Indiana Blood Center? Click here to find a local Indiana Blood Center contact.

Already host blood drives with us? Click here to find all the tools you will need to host a successful blood drive.

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